2 Layer 20cm*20cm max 10pcs

This service provides more PCB dimensions(include 5cm x 15cm,5cm x 20cm,10cm x 15cm,10cm x 20cm,15cm x 15cm,15cm x 20cm,20cm x 20cm ) for you. And you can select 5pcs or 10 pcs PCBs. If your PCB have smaller size such as 5cmX5cm or 10 cm X10cm another more cheap service ' 2 Layer 10cm*10cm max -10pcs' may suitable for you. The ' 2 Layer 20cm*20cm max-50pcs' service will provide you 50pcs PCBs.Please check the price for different service and find the most economic one.

Fusion PCB Order Steps:

Purchase fusion PCB Service from online store and check out.
An order number will be provided in confirmation email from us.
Send the gerber file to our email. The gerber files must be packed into a zip or rar file and named Order(your order number)_(PCB size). For example: Order100_10x10.rar.
If the file and design meets requirements, they will be processed and shipped in 4-6 days.

Gerber file requirement:(The following layers are needed)
Top layer: pcbname.GTL
Bottom layer: pcbname.GBL
Solder Stop Mask top: pcbname.GTS
Solder Stop Mask Bottom: pcbname.GBS
Silk Top: pcbname.GTO
Silk Bottom: pcbname.GBO
NC Drill: pcbname.TXT


Board outline must be included at least in one layer.
The Gerber file must be RS-274x format.


Price: $18.00

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